This Blog has moved!!

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Finally it’s done! We’ve moved our Blog to our own hosted webspace and domain!
Please read the future blog posts on
Please relink your Blogrolls, Links and bookmarks to the new adress, this old blog won’t be updated anymore.
The new Blog format will include all the Information from my old S30Zprojects and EK9projects blogs as well as some new content.
So be sure to check from time to time πŸ™‚



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Wow, i know progress has really slowed down alot, but i still have progress:
1) the car related stuff:
– Found time today and called up the guy from the body shop. sadly they’re very busy at the moment, but he’ll get back to me soon again to check the car and pick it up for the bodywork and painting.
Need to talk a lot about the do’s and don’ts first but im acutally happy i found someone who is experienced with the olde Z’s and will do the work in some oldschool metal artwork πŸ˜€

2) the blog related stuff:
– As i didn’t really know i have followers on this blog i didn’t really check for comments and followers, but as i found out today – i have a lot of followers, this and my EK9 blog are in the blogroll of some really cool sites i didn’t know until i checked (and allowed) all the comments today – THANKS A LOT GUYS! πŸ˜€
– as a little thank you i will allow you a little preview to my upcoming blog-project im working on. this one will include my two old blogs and some other stuff, so in a few weeks or so my old blogs are discontiuned. Of course i’ll update the blogroll with the cool guys who made some comments in this blog here and i’ll have to take a few shots from my car to incolde in the header. still needs a lot of work, but here you can get a little glimpse of how it will look:
This new blog will soon be avialeble under my old company’s name but i’ll give you a notice here as soon as it’s done πŸ˜€

thanks a lot to all the followers and for the nice comments, and i’ll give my best to get some work done again soon πŸ™‚

The Project is alive :)

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It has been a while since i’ve been working on my car last. i’ve worked a bit on my other projects and had a lot of other stuff to do…

But yesterday it al started off again. called mr. Petitjean to get the number from the bodyshop because theyΒ  haven’t called me yet, so i will call them myself next week.
Then i decided to get a few things done today – Started of with the disassambly of the hatch:
first removed the damper and the chrome stuff:

the i removed the hatch glass:

finally out:

and last but not least the locking mechanism:

second big project for today was to remove the broken driver side window.. or what’s left of it πŸ™‚

removed window with bracket. or what at least once was a window:

complete window mechanism removed:

and door without anything πŸ™‚

now next big step will be to do the same stuff on the passenger side window, so it’s ready for a bit new paint..
also i’ll call th e bodyshop to have them take a look on the car and make a cost estimate, and probably pick up the shell so it can be restored.
Currently im planning a lot uf stuff and im in the state of ordering those “secret parts” from japan once again πŸ™‚
and last but not least im working on the idea of a new blog project that will inclode all my three projects and blogs into one site. but still needs a lot of work.

and finally i’ll go and pick up my EK9 from it’s winter home today and bring it back on the streets, will get a bit JDM stuff soon too πŸ™‚

have a nice weekend – Nils


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Well, sorry for the lack of updates during the last days. im quite busy with a lot of other stuff, getting my EK9 ready for the summer and pushing a lot of other things in my life. Currently im planning a lot of stuff in the background and im waiting for the body-shop for coming here and check out the car so we’ll be able to get the chassis and body restored..Β  actually this probably will take another month or so.Β  currently im also saving money for a big part from japan (secret :D) so i don’t want to waste a lot of money on sourcing smaller parts yet.. you’ll see. as soon as i have some news you’ll be the first to know πŸ™‚

Story goes on…

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While im still not sure how the chassis-work will continue i had to keep the project alive..

1) a couple of guys where asking me to measure and shoot the bushings and tie rod links. so here we go:

Tierod endlink from Stev’s Laurel C30 (black) compared to those from my 240Z (brown) – seems to be the same part and dimensions!

240Z inner tierod-link threads are 14mm i think, was quite hard to measure with me cheap tools… but i think should be the same as in the laurel C30

240Z upper tierod-link threads are 12 mm i think,Β  think should be the same as in the laurel C30

Laurel C30 bushings (top) compared to mine from the 240Z, not exactly the same dimensions, but im not sure if mine (lower) are genuine, so i think 240Z bushings should work fine in a Laurel C30:

now the places on the tie-rod where the bushings are mounted:
the round one has 34mm or 34mm diameter:

the elliptic one has 60mm at the widest point:

2) then i had to get some stuff done, and removed some headlight brakets from the inside of the fender.. not sure but theese looked kind of selfmade (where billet aluminum) if someone knows if this looks genuine or not, please let me know.

and removed:

and at the end had to clean ot the garage from all the paint and primer i removed the last few days:

currently im talking to a few specialistsΒ  how to contiune with the chassis, but theres still a lot of stuff i can do with other parts while im working on a decision so no problem – project will contiune for sure πŸ™‚

rust… again…

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Well, im at one of these pionts again:

started off with the small triangle that was left in the rear:

i spent about the same time amount to this small triangle then to the other two pieces.. why?Β  It seems like i missed to remove some rust from the other parts, because it seems like those small spots that whern’t removable by the csd disks where more then just a few darker spots. they actually where rust.. so i thought it might be better to give the chassis a sandblanst. im not sure yet, i have to think about it and talk to a few people, but i think if it’s sandblasted and done by a proper bodyshop the result will be worth the money. i wanted to do a high-end build on this car and not just a cheap garage build. but i also wanted to do as lot as possible on my own. no im pretty unsure.. there are rust spots everywhere even if they’re not as big as on other project cars seen in here, i think if i want to keep the car for a few years rust free i just have to do it that way. well im still unsure. but i think the way im doing it now will not gain the results i was looking for.. there are just too many small problems i can’t handle on a professional level on my own.. but we’ll see..

going on with the front wheel housing

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contiued with the work on the front right wheel housing:
paint and rust removed, cleaned up with silicone cleaner:

and epoxy primer added: